Dyeing Colors
Dyeing Colors
A Division of Americolor Corporation
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Dyeing Colors

Dyeing Colors were designed as an alternative to a competitor's product. The dyes and chemicals are exact matches and your supply source is always guaranteed. Don't buy from the rest, buy from the best! 

CARPET DYES (1 lb. - $23.95, 5 lb. - $92.95)  These top quality dyes are designed to attain maximum and consistent results on every job.  Dyeing Colors dyes are much more vibrant than any other product on the market and their ease of use will make you an expert in no time. Available in one or five pound containers in your choice of 25 vibrant colors.

Dyeing Colors Carpet Dye Colors

DYE FIX (1 gal. - $26.95)  A specially formulated overspray designed to exhaust any excess dye left in the carpet after the extraction process has been completed.  Simply spray on to prevent most types of dye transfer, walk-off and bleeding of dyes if and when these occur.  Read-to-use formula.  Can also be used on upholstery.  Eliminates future problems.

DYE PREP (1 gal. - $27.95)  Dye Prep must be used to insure proper strike and dye penetration.  Contains leveling agents and wetting agents for maximum penetration and evenness of color, preventing streaks and blotching. Add four to six ounces per 5 gallons of dye bath.

pH ADJUSTER (1 gal. - $25.00)  pH Adjuster is the perfect product to use to prepare stain resist carpets for dyeing. Also great for use when carpets have been cleaned with high alkaline cleaners to reduce the pH of the fibers to a suitable condition for dyeing. Provides for the maximum effectiveness of the dyes.

BLEACH NEUTRALIZER (1 gal. - $26.95)  Important to use prior to spot dyeing bleach stains. Comes as a crystal. Just fill the bottle with hot tap water and shake.  Then spray on and bleach is instantly neutralized!  No messy and time consuming heat transfer process required.

DYE MANUAL ($49.95 or free with $200 order) An up-to-date reference guide for anyone involved in color repair, spot dyeing and complete carpet dyeing services. covers virtually every color related topic from types of dyes to handling spot dyeing, side match and complete color changes as well as safety and marketing. A must for the beginner as well as the seasoned pro!
DELUXE SPOT DYE KITS ($335.00)  Contains everything you'll need to become a master spot dyer! Inside the heavy duty carrying case are: 40 custom color dyes, Dye Prep, pH Adjuster, Bleach Neutralizer, Fiber I.D. Solution, measuring spoons, mixing containers, dye applicator, rubber gloves and Spot Dye Manual. Smaller 12 color kit available for $200.00

DYE KIT REPLACEMENTS ($10.00 each and up)

Dyeing Colors
A Division of Americolor Corporation
8168 SW Durham Rd. Tigard, OR 97224

(503) 670 DYES

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